DNA tests at work bolster D&I insights and empathy

We’re always interested in new ways to approach inclusion so were intrigued to hear about the travel company Momondo Group’s decision to give its top management team free DNA tests, as an experiment in improving the company’s workplace culture. While we normally think of DNA tests as being useful in health assessments, but Momondo’s motivation was simply to create the self-reflection necessary for people to challenge their own assumptions and biases.  The pilot was so successful they have started offering it to all staff.

The premise is that we all have expectations about who we are as White European lawyers or Afro Caribbean British accountants, but our DNA usually highlights a much more mixed lineage than we anticipate. Seeing the truth about our own gene pool can be a shock, but seeing we are all more ‘mixed’ creates paradigm shifts and empathy with people we previously thought of as ‘different.’ We’ll be watching to see how Momondo’s experiment unfolds, but we love the innovation in this approach. You can see a short clip on how the project unfolded amongst the seemingly homogenous group of Momondo executives on the BBC here