| Mentoring & Sponsorship Programmes:

One way we help organisations develop the right skills internally is through the creation of customised mentoring and sponsorship programmes. All our programmes start out with a focus on mentoring. We help clients turn them into sponsorship programmes with the right pairings, self-reflection and training. At InclusIQ, we work with all of our clients to create mentoring programmes that have reciprocal value for both parties – the best way to make it sustainable, create empathy and to have impact on your inclusion goals.

How we do it:

  • Programme construction:

    Guidance on how to recruit, communicate and set goals for your mentoring programme.

  • Pairing of mentors and mentees:

    Advise on how to make your internal matches based on the goals of the programme.

  • Training:

    Guidance on best practice for mentors and mentees so both parties can have ‘curious conversations’ and make the most of the relationship.

  • Mentoring monitoring:

    Check-ins with mentees and mentors to sustain the relationship and ensure mentors are gaining as much insight as they are giving.


  • Gives both partners confidence in how to make the most of their pairing and what to do when they hit challenges.
  • Widens the perspective of mentees and exposes them to senior stakeholders they may not have been able to access.
  • Provides insight for mentors on the experiences of junior staff they might not naturally ‘take under their wing’.
  • Creates empathy between both partners and enlarges the space for ‘curious conversations’.
  • Engages employees in creating an organisational culture that works for a wider range of talent.

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