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Keeping your Foot on the Pedal -  Tactics for Maintaining IWD Momentum

International Women’s Day has come and gone, and its passage highlights a ridiculous assumption: Let’s honour women and all they've given us during a single day of the year! This is particularly salient given the the murder of Sarah Everard, and the police's heavy-handed response to those and the vigil and the ever increasing data about how much harder Covid has hit women, particularly Brown and Black women, as workers, as parents turned educators and as recipients of higher than ever domestic violence - all brought on by lockdowns.March is always the busiest month of the year for me, given my specialism around women working in male-dominated fields. Indeed, I spoke at IWD events for Hensoldt, DLA Piper, Engie, HSBC and...

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Give your best interviews in 2021

We are in the toughest job market in a generation and this is not a moment to just reassure yourself that being confident in interviews will be enough. It’s won’t - and actually, it never should be. In interviews, it’s up to you to prove your competence, your skills, the experiences you have had and why they'd be valuable to a new employer - or the company in which you simply want to progress. By the end of this video you’ll have 3 new ideas that have worked for literally hundreds of my coaching clients, in good economies and bad, when they’ve had interviews for management and leadership roles. 

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