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When is £150 worth far much more?

In a recent session, one of the first I've had since returning from the holidays, a coaching client confided she’d applied and been successful for a promotion. Delighted with the role, there was a single sticking point - a ’niggle’ as she called it. And as we found with many niggles, they often represent far more emotionally than the ‘little thing’ they ostensibly are about. She’d negotiated a small pay increase, but they refused to give her to what she actually asked for - opting instead to top her out at £150 less per year than what she’d wanted. She’d known, based on conversations she’d had, that other people doing that role had routinely entered at the rate for which she was asking. So this felt unjust...

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3 Unconventional ways to get noticed in the interview

At the end of the day, you and I both get hired, fired or promoted based not on how awesome we think we are - but based on what other people think, as I talk about in 'The Con Job'. Rather than thinking about how you can self-promote, today we’ll be looking at unorthodox, yet crucial ways to use other people’s words when talking about yourself in a situation like an interview. By the end of this video, you’ll have 3 unconventional ways to get noticed, not for how you talk about yourself, but revolutionarily, only by using what other people say about you! And if you stay to the end, you’ll hear how humility, not a word we often associate...

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Learning from Mistakes to Move On

I recently heard from Rachel, a previous client, who admitted she’d gained more from our sessions when she reflected with me on pasts mistakes rather than when we’d talk about her wins - what Rachel thought we’d focus on when she first came to coaching. It reminded me how useful mistakes are for all of us - but only if we admit them and then make changes to learn from them. Rachel liked to keep things very 'professional' and always had a very transactional relationship with her direct reports, but found she got far more engagement when she treated them as whole beings -  vital now that everyone is a home-worker! Rachel told me ’Seeing who they really were at home was so humbling and valuable to me -...

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Bias persists because of bias-deniers 

In the work I do with companies, I’m often asked how to spot bias. A good place to start is by looking at those who argue bias no longer exists.  New research published in 'Science Advances' of the traditionally male-dominated field, veterinary medicine, found that managers who felt gender bias no longer existed were the ones most likely to perpetuate it. They were the most likely to downgrade the performance reviews of fictional female job applicants - even when they are identical to the reviews of fictional male applicants.Managers were asked about the competence levels and salary they’d advise for this new hire and whether they thought gender discrimination was still an issue in the field. Managers who disregarded discrimination with ‘it’s not happening anymore’ were...

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No small hand mirror required :) to find your superpowers

Perhaps not surprisingly, I’ve been doing a lot of work with professionals who've recently lost a job or gone through a different crisis of confidence. No doubt, a downturn is hard, but I’ve found helping them tap into their ’superpowers’ (easily forgotten!) to be hugely useful. Like many of our most important parts, our superpowers can seem hard to find - but it's a real payoff when you do ;)  In our down moments, it can be hard to identify your superpowers, but I’m a great believer in focusing on the evidence. This help reminds you of what you're great at  - and therefore where to focus your energy - in appraisals, promotions, and yes when you think about where to focus next. To find out more...

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