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Best midlife career changes (FIND THE MOST REWARDING JOB OF YOUR LIFE)

    So what are the best midlife career changes and what are the answers to how to change careers? You may want a career change, career transition, career switch, or just some career change ideas.Today, I’m talking about three of the BEST examples of midlife career switches that were a stretch, but not completely outlandish. I know a grandiose career change won’t work for many of you who have mortgages to pay and kids to send to school. That's why I'm going to give you three very different midlife change examples. You might not see it coming... You might already be halfway through your career..You might be thinking ‘but i should have it all figured out by now’ Intrigued?​If you need a new career, career...

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Good old Logic in Combatting Mansplaining

I was at a corporate formal dinner (remember those?) late last year, and was introduced to the man sitting next to me by a friend who said 'You should meet Suzanne, she's written two books and is about to publish her third.'  Before I could greet him, he then launched into a lengthy monologue about how he'd been encouraged to write a book, by multiple people, for several years.....Diplomatic/Sucker that I am, I then asked what topic was he considering writing about and he reassured me he had several ideas, as he knew a lot about several different topics. He then continued on about how it would be good for his profile, how it didn't look that hard etc - all before I contributed anything or...

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Lateral Career Moves - Smartest Moves you Could Make?

Lateral career move (sometimes knows as switching jobs within a company,  job switch, transfer job within same company, horizontal career move, lateral job movement job) is often under-rated, I’m here to tell you that it can be the smartest move you can make when moving jobs. Whether you’re thinking about switching careers, career change, career move, switching jobs, or moving jobs, you should consider moving departments within the company through lateral job move or lateral promotion. Watch this video to find out everything about lateral move including how to change jobs inside your company, lateral move salary negotiation, job transfer, internal job move.

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Feeling Undervalued at Work - and Getting Unstuck

If you’ve been feeling undervalued, feeling unimportant, feeling unappreciated, or not appreciated at work - this video is for you. These feelings are common workplace challenges… and I’m going to help you if you’ve been feeling unappreciated at work, feeling unrecognised at work. I’m Dr Suzanne Doyle-Morris, founder of Inclusiq, and trust me when I say that not feeling appreciated at work happens to us all!  Watch this video for tips on dealing with a boss who doesn't appreciate you as well as the overall feelings of no appreciation. In turn this will make dealing with stress much easier.  No longer will you feel undervalued at work, or not respected at work.                   ...

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Under-confidence Benefits your Career

  The truth is, under-confidence, as unorthodox as it sounds, can have real benefits. And I’m going to tell you exactly what they are and why you shouldn’t feel ashamed about being under confident. It’s actually a huge superpower, and astonishingly could end up making your career more than you ever thought possible.The unconfident are often the hardest workers, as they don’t assume they have all the right answers. And you know what? Neither do the very confident!  Which means under-confidence can be a secret weapon against those already so sure of themselves that they’re the most likely to make mistakes.  1. The first way under-confidence can benefit your career is that it makes you among the most likely to see potential problems...

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