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Stakeholder Impact Analysis (How to Improve Relationships) PART 2

  If you’ve not yet completed a STAKEHOLDER MAP... stop and go back and read PART 1 ‘Stakeholder mapping techniques' first.So you’ve got your map… and you know your stakeholders. Now you need to know how to use their INFLUENCE to progress your career.  I’m going to help you understand stakeholder impact that will improve how you’re influencing others at work. I’ll include a stakeholder analysis examples that will help you improve stakeholder engagement. A stakeholder engagement plan/stakeholder management plan really does make stakeholder relationship management much easier. Each of the people you’ve drawn onto your stakeholder map has their own stakeholder map too! The way you build YOUR  map and circle of influence wider is by answering ‘What is the relationship...

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Biz case for D&I isn't as useful as assumed

  Speaking at a recent scientific conference, I prepped by listening to other academics to see where the direction of the conversation was going. One researcher, Dr. Cordelia Fine, an icon on gender in the workplace research, shared her latest research in the Journal of from Social Issues and Policy Review which, in what can feel like dark times, actually gave me a lot of hope!When she and her team asked thousands of employees from multiple Australian organisations if and why they felt gender diversity in the workplace was important, an overwhelming majority (86%) prioritised justice as their main reason for supporting gender balancing efforts. This was a fantastic surprise as most of us who advocate for improved inclusion are encouraged instead, to focus on...

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How to cope with rejection in your career

Do you find coping with rejection hard? If you want to know how do you deal with rejection and what to do when you get rejected - this video is for you.Dealing with rejection can be a challenge. Facing rejection is one of the most normal, if not most painful parts of life - and it will affect everyone no matter who you are.I've got 3 ultra-practical ways to help you learn how to deal with rejection.*SPOILER ALERT* these practical tips to help deal with rejection at work... have NOTHING to do with YOUR CAREER. But they've helped hundreds of women working in fields including finance, law and technology. I'm also sharing one of the hardest rejections I've faced in my career. Just...

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Build Confidence at Work by Looking at your Surrounding

The environment where you work, can have a MASSIVE impact on your confidence. Today, we’re going to look at  how to build confidence at work by looking at your surroundings in 3 different ways.  This WILL advance your career by getting you to think about how each setting affects your confidence differently every day. And if you stay to the end, you’ll hear how a new multi-million pound state of the art building I visited got it so wrong in one simple aspect of their layout, and how an easy £10 fix could have remedied the whole thing.As a speaker and someone who’s done over 2500 hours of executive coaching with my clients, I have talked with thousands of professional women. Interestingly, the environment...

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Best midlife career changes (FIND THE MOST REWARDING JOB OF YOUR LIFE)

    So what are the best midlife career changes and what are the answers to how to change careers? You may want a career change, career transition, career switch, or just some career change ideas.Today, I’m talking about three of the BEST examples of midlife career switches that were a stretch, but not completely outlandish. I know a grandiose career change won’t work for many of you who have mortgages to pay and kids to send to school. That's why I'm going to give you three very different midlife change examples. You might not see it coming... You might already be halfway through your career..You might be thinking ‘but i should have it all figured out by now’ Intrigued?​If you need a new career, career...

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