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Have Confidence and Embrace Self-Doubt

  I’m going to give you 3 of the best ways you can have confidence by embracing your self-doubt. Read until the end to understand what the one or possibly two personalities whom you share a bed with (if you are like me) are telling you about the value of self-doubt in the middle of the night.As a speaker and someone who has done over 2500 hours of executive coaching with my clients, I have talked with thousands of professional women, most of whom have asked me how to have more confidence. Turns out though - we’re looking at it all wrong. Instead of wanting more confidence, we should be embracing our self-doubt, because if you manage it right, it can...

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Stakeholder Mapping Techniques: Find the People Who can Influence your Career - Part 1

  In order to help progress your career, you need to identify the people you’ll need to impress and build the best relationships with. There are a variety of stakeholder engagement methods including stakeholder mapping. Stakeholder mapping techniques (aka stakeholder analysis, stakeholder mapping, stakeholder management) are an excellent way to learn how to influence stakeholders. If you follow these techniques, then I guarantee your career will grow.For those who hire me to work with their middle management women, 9 times out of 10 those women have had a promotion within a year - using this method to start off our work together.Hard truth time.  Every single one of us gets hired, fired or promoted based, not on what we think...

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Competence vs. Confidence

​ What if I told you, the only way to get that ultimate pipe-dream; “a confidence that lasts” is to ignore aiming specifically at confidence at all? The only way to get that feeling of ‘inner certainty’ is instead to focus on competence, or your ability to get things done, and I’ve got 3 quick and practical ways to build your skills, ultimately leading to the confidence you really want.These are the THREE of the BEST TIPS to come out of the research with 40 executives from around the world for my new book and from the audiences to which I speak.  All are people who, if you saw them in action, you’d doubt confidence had ever been an issue - but...

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USP Examples and How to Create your Own

Creating your own USP and knowing how to use your unique selling point appropriately can be an issue in one’s career. In this video, Dr Suzanne Doyle-Morris talks about what is your USP, how to find your USP, USP examples and personal USP examples. These can greatly enhance your career and get you the promotion that you deserve. ​This really simple AND QUICK exercise will help you discover how to find your USP! I’ve got plenty of USP examples to help you.I've helped many clients understand what their own USP is. And here's why...Owning their unique selling proposition, has been a key part of many of their success, mainly because it helped people know what to go to them for....

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International Women's Day 2020 #eachforequal

International Women’s Day 2020 is about Each for Equal. No matter how you interpret that, fundamentally for IWD, it’s actually good news for both men and women. I'm Dr Suzanne Doyle-Morris and I’ve been working on gender balance for over twenty years. In my own ‘international women's day speech’ I want to start looking at ‘each for equal’ from a man’s perspective, like the dozens of men I interviewed for ‘Love Your C-Word’. If you watch the video, you'll find out how this year’s IWD theme could actually help eradicate the number one killer of men between 30 and 45 years old.  Gender inequality holds men back in 3 critical ways - and I’m going to tell you what YOU can do...

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