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Quiet Confidence is what we need in 2020

If you don’t have an uber confident style, and you don’t want to have to develop one just to get ahead, this is the video for you. By the end you’ll know how to OWN your quiet confidence.​So here’s two tips on how to make the most of your quiet confidence and how to capitalise on them in the workplace today.1. In new situations, overprepare.You need to let your expertise do the talking, and often, that means overpreparing. If you are anything like me, you may have noticed that the ‘smartest person in the room’ is not the smartest ‒ they’re just the best prepared. They’ve likely thought through at least two things: First: what they want to get out of the...

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How to be a Confident Woman on your CV

How to show you are Confident Woman on your CV comes down to clarifying your monetary value to your next boss. If you read to the end I’ll also share how even if you are on the charmingly called ‘cost-centre’ side of a business, this too can work for you. Today we’re talking LESS about confidence that looks like show pony antics like claiming ALL the credit for group projects. Instead we’re talking about confidence related to your COMPETENCE.Tip 1 Identify the type, number and monetary value of the tangible projects you delivered.So this tip is about how to talk about your numbers. We normally spend so much time perfecting the words on our CV or resume, we forget that it’s the numbers most employers will...

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