'No-one cares about your career as much as you do'

Who is Suzanne? 

Dr. Suzanne Doyle-Morris, speaker, executive coach and author, has been improving the lives of women working in male-dominated professional services and STEM fields since 1998. 

2500+ ICF accredited executive coaching hours
200+ organisational presentations
110 YouTube 'how-to' videos
3 best-selling career development books
Cambridge PhD... 
and a partridge in a pear tree
 Audiences from Lisbon to Oslo, Boston to Dublin 

Although raised in the U.S, my presentations have an international flavour. I've lived and worked in five countries over the last few decades. My audiences reflect this and are drawn from the USA and UK as well as across Europe and the Middle East.

Supporting professional women 

Do you want someone who's got your back? Feeling overlooked and overworked or both? Dismayed to discover the more senior you become, the more male your environment - and the more pressure you feel to 'become' like them?

I help women like you, and the colleagues you work with, to appreciate you more for who you are. To understand how to climb the ladder in a way that feels authentic. And take control of your own career to drive it forward.  Let's face it - no one else will do that for you. 

Do you just help women? 

My focus is on the women who work in these fields, however I support anyone who feel unappreciated and marginalised - not part of the 'status-quo' and those who want to become inclusive in their leadership style.   After all, inclusion is key for all high-functioning teams. 

It's widely recognised that the strongest teams benefit from a mix of race, nationality, age, background - and yes, gender. Inclusive leaders create the most engaged, innovative and ultimately profitable teams. This is not politically correct rhetoric - it's fact.  

A no-bs approach

I have a plain-speaking and thought-provoking style, not just questioning the status quo - but encouraging people to question their own assumptions and self-awareness. I've spent decades talking with professional women about their work. their challenges and how they can win. I've written three books based on our experiences and use these to inform all my work.

'I never knew a PhD could be so funny!'

People don't want fluff and flannel - they want examples to learn from and practical solutions to enable them to get the recognition they deserve and the lives they actually want to live. Which is exactly how I've always worked, knowing that self-reflective humour is often a great way to create change. 

Career advancement

80% of my coaching clients earn a better role within months of our first session. And that should put a smile on anyone's face...

I walk the walk

As an entrepreneur, who's often been in the minority, I know how hard things can be and I've had plenty of knocks. Fear of failure or trying to work around the status quo - neither should stop you from the life you want and the impact you want to have. 


Let me work with your staff to help them question their assumptions and create the thought-provoking insight that provides. I share real life stories and help coaching clients find, and then act on, practical steps - not 'just love yourself' fluffy concepts. My presentations aren't just for women. They are for anyone who wants to personally thrive in an increasingly inclusive world. 

My presentations focus on how to address tough issues others want to ignore - as the workplace and society changes all around us. 

For the widest possible reach, choose from my four customisable webinars - all of which have gone down well with organisational clients. These can come with accompanying books to personalise and embed the learning even deeper. 


I’m all about authenticity.Believe me, you don’t specialise in gendered workplace issues to get rich quick :) You do it to stay true to who you are. That’s my goal for you. There are enough fakes in a competitive workplace …we don’t need more. Plus turning women into men is not the goal - you don’t get the best of what women bring to the top table NOR does it engage men. 

Everyone loses out if we just replicate leadership as it’s always been done. The good news? There are many ways to the top - we’ll find the one that works for you. 

Fill in the form on site to see how executive coaching could work for you, either privately or sponsored by your employer. 

 What I offer

- Customised webinars for organisations informed by my books 

- Online executive coaching for organisations and private individuals 

- Public online webinars

 (In person speaking events by arrangement )

Please give me a call or drop me an e-mail. I'm happy to answer any questions. 
I'm ready to both inspire and challenge your workforce or help you personally in getting the most from your own career. 

Get in touch with me direct on Suzanne@inclusiq.com

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