​Hi there, I’m Suzanne Doyle-Morris and I help women who work in male-dominated fields get the careers they want and companies retain and develop the best of a diverse workforce.  



About You

Creating a strategy that will work for your career and a few key tactics,  you can turn allies into mentors and mentors into sponsors to fast forward towards both a fulfilling and rewarding career.  I’ve seen clients go from overlooked, frustrated and confused to feeling in control of their careers … just from making a few little tweaks.

I’m here to help you make that same shift.

You got the qualifications you needed, so isn’t it time to get the recognition you deserve? My own business began winning awards a few years ago and I did it by turning my experience of working with highly qualified women into content that will help you earn credibility and respect amongst the guys you work with every day. I absolutely love working with my clients at all stages - from frustration to promotion to adapting to a new role or even company and beyond.
Basically, I can help you get the groove back for your work, or help you find a better place to spend your precious time, energy and hard-earned experience.

I also have a TON of online freebies  that will help you get the career you want and make you feel like the kick-ass professional you are.

Feeling in the driver’s seat of your career - it’s about time…right? My mission is to help you OWN the direction your career takes - because if you aren’t driving it, no one else is. All of my content is geared towards this goal. I know the struggle of building a kick-ass career from the ground up.  I’m there with you - and I’ll have your back.


About Me

Helping women who work mostly with men advance their careers is my groove, and I’m lucky to do what I do. Who exactly? Women in professional services and STEM, but also women from any other sectors where the more senior they become, the more men at the top they start to notice...
Helping you move forward authentically is the BEST thing I can do to help you be successful in every area of your life. No fake ass-kissing here.

I’m all about authenticity.
Believe me, you don’t do a PhD at the University of Cambridge in gendered workplace issues to get rich quick :)  You do it to stay true to who you are. That’s my goal for you. There are enough fakes in a competitive workplace …we don’t need more.

Plus turning women into men is not the goal - you don’t get the best of what women bring to the top table NOR does it engage men. Everyone loses out if we just replicate leadership as it’s always been done. The good news? There are many ways to the top - we’ll define and find the one that works for you.

I’ve lived and worked in 5 different countries and reassured the little girl who loved to read that she could make a living out of being vocal - if she was smart by working hard - something I share with my clients. Nothing beats helping women get ahead in careers where they may have been overlooked ...or help companies realise they can do more to better recognise the kick-ass women they already have working for them.


So…some professional history - 

  • I have over two decades of experience which officially started with my first degree in Women’s Studies and Psychology - but then led to my PhD at the University of Cambridge - focusing on the experiences of women working in male-dominated fields. 

  • I’ve written two books on topics based on the experiences of my clients and other successful professional women: ‘Beyond the Boys’ Club: Strategies for Achieving Career Success as a Woman Working in a Male Dominated Fields’ and ‘Female Breadwinners: How They Make Relationships Work and Why They’re the Future of the Modern Workforce’. And am about to publish my third book… 

  • I’ve coached professionals for over 2000 hours and am accredited by the International Coach Federation to the Professional Certified Coach standard.   

  • I’ve spoken at nearly 200 organisations, industry bodies or network groups.  

  • I’ve won two rounds of SMART funding - a Scottish award - for our online ‘serious games’ on improving workplace diversity.  And was one of just a handful of female Founders to ever win the award which recognises innovation in technological breakthroughs.  

  • I’ve been featured in BBC, STV broadcasts, Stylist and the Sunday Times (London) as an executive coach and Gender Balance Expert.  

  • Was a finalist for awards ranging from the ‘Women of Innovation’ in the Global Game Changers category, Scotland Women in Technology as CEO of the Year and Investing Women’s AccelerateHer Awards. 

As I progressed my own career, I often noticed that I could work the longest hours, but none of it mattered if they right people didn’t notice - again something I share with my clients.  

At 22, I arrived in Ireland, never having been to Europe, with a rucksack but no job, no contacts, no place to stay and declared it the most beautiful city I’d ever they spray cleaned sick from shiny Temple Bar streets. Europe was to be my home - but for a lot longer than I imagined.
​Over 20 years later, I still love living 
abroad from my home nation and challenging the status quo...


And when I’m not creating content, working with my team, or coaching clients, you can find me:  

  • Reading Style or practicing an upcoming presentation on the elliptical trainer. 
  • Walking my wee Cavapoo, Angus-Khan, on the nearby coastline.
  • Volunteering with my Girl Guides -always exhausted when I leave!
  • Running a reading session at the library with Angus Khan while he sleeps in under-confident readers’ laps (who doesn’t love a bedtime story?) 
  • Listening to a ‘Freakonomics’ or ‘In The Dark’ podcast.  
  • Rummaging around for any ‘forgotten’ dark chocolate I’ve left in one of my desk drawers. ​​ 


As an entrepreneur, I know what rejection


feels like and I can tell you, the fear

of failure shouldn’t keep you for the life and the career you want.  
​If I can do it, so can you!

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