Online and In Person Speaking

'Building Resilience in Uncertain Times' 

2020 was certainly not like 2019, and every year going forward will have challenges we can’t even yet imagine. In an era when facing climate change, racial justice, economic inequalities and living with Covid have never been more important, you’ll need resilience. 

In her most personal talk yet, author and organisational advisor, Dr. Doyle-Morris will draw on her own experiences as a business owner to concentrate on 3 key skills any professional must to maintain the fortitude they’ll need to get through current, and certainly future turbulence. This presentation focuses on how to:

 -Acknowledge your hard-earned evolution 
 -Choose your partnerships well 
 -Appreciate even ‘bumpy’ journeys

This presentation has been customised for online interaction with attendees in 35-40 minutes. It is often paired with either a panel discussion or Q&A with Dr. Doyle-Morris.

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