Executive Coaching

80of Dr. Doyle-Morris' clients enjoy a career improvement or promotion within 6 months.

Do any of these questions sound familiar?

- How do I ensure my skills and experience are better valued? 
- How do I become the individual - both personally and professionally, I actually want to become? 
- How can I not just survive, but thrive in a demanding and ever-changing workplace? 

If these questions sound familiar, one to one executive coaching could be for you. 

My clients love how they are not solely coaching problems to be solved, but creating a better life to be lived.

Dr. Suzanne Doyle-Morris has spent the last 20 years and over 2500 hours coaching professionals to get the roles they deserve and the lives they want. 

Using videoconference for most sessions, clients come from the United Kingdom, Europe and North America. She has herself, worked and lived in 5 different countries. 

In the winter of 2020/2021, she will receive her Master Certified Coach (MCC), the highest credential awarded by the main regulatory body for professional coaches, the International Coach Federation.

What Do Clients Think?

What Comes Up?

My clients often work in high performing fields, often in the legal, financial services, FMCG and technology sectors.
- Getting recognition for competence 
- Developing a more compelling, yet authentic presence
- Stakeholder management 
- Profile-raising 
- Finding and managing sponsors 
- Networking 
- Making transitions and handling uncertainty
- Improving your CV and interview/appraisal preparation
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