Career Clinics - 
3 Hours for Your Big Moves

Why Coaching Clinics?

You’ve probably worked harder in the last year than ever before. 
Too few people, too much work, not enough time - all amidst a sense of uncertainty.
You may have even wondered if you're heading in the right direction - and how to make all that work actually count. 

These sessions are ideal when you need a short, sharp fix on big changes you want to make now on: 

-The job that will make the difference
-The vital conversations you want to land well
-The solutions to the career challenges you're facing

 These feature one to one coaching sessions with Suzanne at a time to suit you. 
Plus, she'll share examples and advice, where relevant, based on what’s worked for other clients
We'll focus on one of the below.  

1. Deciding on the Right Next Role: 

-Getting clearer on your long-term vision 
- Owning your values-based decisions 
-Creating more options even beyond the next role 
-Building your external brand and reputation

2. Acing Interviews for the Job you Want:

-Quantifiably highlighting your skill 
- Highlighting expertise and minimising gaps 
-Utilising story-telling for memorable impact 
- Deep-diving on what the interviewer needs to experience from you

3. Making a Stellar Impact in your New Role

-Reaching out to stakeholders to grow your influence 
-Owning your space in meetings 
-Handling & responding to criticism 
-Delegating to maximise your impact and make things easier for you

Together we will speed your current career trajectory, get what you actually want and 
stretch your thinking beyond what you thought possible. 

Benefits you'll get from working with Suzanne: 

- Gain momentum quickly on a current challenge
-Give yourself three concentrated hours to progress your unique career goals
-Have a bigger impact, not just in the office, but on all those you want to impress

This programme is ideal for: 

 - Women in middle to senior management and rising 
 - Professionals who are ambitious and well-qualified in their field 
 - Those in STEM or professional or financial services 
- Women wanting to make effective decisions and quieten their inner critic

What you'll get: 

- An intensive and practical workbook tailored to the above topic of your choice
- Up to three hours of live time with Dr. Doyle-Morris, at a time to suit you
- E-mail support to help you through your challenge
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All sessions are conducted by video conference

Virtual coaching group
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