'Get Promoted' FAQ's

Question: What are Smaller Group Sessions? 
Answer: Small group sessions or ‘pods’ will be every two weeks where each person will get a set amount of time (normally 7-10 minutes each) in which to talk about a challenge they’ve faced or a learning or achievement they’d like to reflect upon with the rest of the group. They’ll get support in the first session with the ‘Pod Best Practice’ guidelines Dr. Suzanne Doyle-Morris provides. This will be the group you’ll have throughout so you can build trust and a strong network between you. 

Question: Who leads the Main Sessions? 
Answer: Contrasting to other programmes that use a variety of coaches, Suzanne, a PCC accredited coach and expert on women’s careers, will herself will lead each main content session aslisted in red. Additionally, in the smaller group sessions, she’ll support you in teaching you basic coaching skills via the ‘Pod Best Practice’ guidelines to create a supportive, productive and engaging environment for each other. 

Question: What if I miss a session? 
Answer: We know you’re busy, and may not be able to make every single session in person. That’s why all main content sessions will be recorded for use of the entire group, and each smaller group session will also be recorded, but only for use by the members of that specific group. 

Question: What if I can’t make Friday mornings? 
Answer: You can access each recorded session led by Suzanne , and you’ll be assigned your smaller group session based on your wider availability. 

Question: What’s the difference between this and Suzanne’s executive coaching? 
Answer: This programme focused on building your wider community in addition to following a curriculum Suzanne’s designed to increase your chances of securing a promotion or job stretch, the number one challenge most executive clients have come to her over the last 2 decades. Because it’s a group offering, it’s also a more cost effective option for many clients who are investing themselves, but if you’d prefer to focus solely on your individual needs and at a time schedule that fits you specifically, then executive coaching with Suzanne may be a better fit. Alternatively the Hybrid Programme which mixes participation in the 'Get Promoted in 6 Months or Less' Programme with individual coaching from Suzanne maybe another option.

Question: Tell me more about the Hybrid Programme? 
Answer: All clients will get access to everything in the group coaching package, but some want more tailored coaching support for themselves with Suzanne as well. This Hybrid gives them the best of both worlds - enabling them to have individual sessions for themselves where they can deep dive with Suzanne on their specific goals and challenges to tailor make a plan that will work best for them. 

Question: What are the dates and times? 
Answer: The programme runs weekly from July 2 2021 - December 3 2021, with the Core sessions every Friday at 9am BST/ 10am CET. Every session will be recorded so if you aren’t able to attend the live call, you can listen/watch at your convenience. 

Question: What’s the structure for each week? 
Answer: Weekly we will come together for a Friday morning call. Each week we’ll alternate between Core topic or have an even more interactive Action Learning session whereby everyone takes a turn sharing a challenge, opportunity or win they’ve had, in order to coaching questions from the others in their group. At the start of the programme, Suzanne will lay out coaching best practice, so you’ll have the coaching skills you need to support others - in our group, but also more widely with your colleagues. At the end of each call, you’ll set yourself some “homework” to practice the day’s learnings in your life. Homework doesn’t take significant additional time because it’s all about integrating a new approach to doing something into your existing activities and daily routine. 

Question: Will I get to work with Suzanne one to one? 
Answer: There are options if you would like to supplement the program with individual coaching with Suzanne. However the program is in a group format, so each individual member will have the opportunity to share challenges, reflect on their learnings, and ask questions with individual feedback from Suzanne. Our weekly calls are highly interactive – Suzanne is live on the calls and they are not pre-recorded. If you’re not able to attend a session, you can always submit questions ahead of time and then listen to the recording. 

Question: What’s the community aspect like? 
Answer: During these difficult times, one of Suzanne’s goals was to provide a space for connection, support and valuable discussion – to help people get the support they need through each other as well as herself. Over many years of both leading and attending courses, she’s found participants eager to connect with others as an integral part of their course experience - particularly over one as extensive as this one where you’ll likely share a lot about your goals with like minded women. Remember, all of the participants work and in fields where as you progress, you are surrounded by more men. Other participants are more focused on simply absorbing the content. This is structured so both options are available. In addition to the action learning sets, there are many additional ways to engage with the community. We set up a WhatsApp group, and you may want to set up an additional group for your smaller group session. This is a place where you can engage in even more dialogue with other participants and find shared interests. 

Question: How can I encourage my employer to pay for this course? 
Answer: We’ve priced the programme to ensure a range of people can invest, those who self-fund as well as those who might be able to get support from their employers. If you want to approach your employer, there are a few things you can show them the relevance of this programme. First, the benefits go further than a single promotion. They extend to the way you communicate your key messages and those of your employers, the credibility and presence you’ll have with others both internally and externally. As a woman working in a male-dominated field, you likely know you’re a role model to others. Next, think about the key objectives you’ve been set this year. What business goals are they trying to achieve right now, and how will your participation improve your ability to help them achieve those goals? Lastly, if you and your manager have already identified areas for your development (for example, in a recent review) and explain how this training connects to those areas. For example, how does your progression motivate other women who are watching you help your employer’s inclusion goals? Highlight that you will not only use the learning for yourself but will bring it back to your team or larger organisation, and be open to brainstorming ways to do that. 

Question: Will this count towards my ongoing CPD? 
Answer: Very likely! As different membership bodies allow students to claim credits for their ongoing professional development, we will provide a signed certification showing the length of the programme, the topics of each module and your participation within it. 

International Coaching Federation Professional Coaching credential

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