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'Getting Ahead for Competence 
in a World Obsessed with Confidence'

You're skilled, but do you feel overlooked at work? If you’ve ever felt passed over or that you need to put on a ‘show’ in order to get ahead - this is the presentation for you. 

Not progressing is too often blamed on ‘lack of confidence’, but this hoax misses genuine capability. This means we fail to get the right people into the best jobs. ​

Let’s redefine confidence, to make it less about doing a ‘song and dance’ and more about who actually knows their stuff. Not with gimmicks, but by getting credit for your valuable skills and hard-earned insights – your competence. 

This presentation identifies the battles worth fighting to give you the skills you need to: 

-Capitalise on what you are doing well to silence the ‘imposter’. 
-Convince others to value your hard-earned experience. 
-Redefine confidence so it doesn’t continue to advantage the ‘status quo’.

This presentation has been customised for online interaction with attendees in 35-40 minutes. It is often paired with either a panel discussion, or Q&A with Dr. Doyle-Morris. 

An InclusIQ Virtual Workshop Series 
Drawn from tactical solutions from ‘The Con Job’ 
Led by Dr Suzanne Doyle-Morris 

 A. Authentic Confidence for Aspiring Professionals 

Too frequently those with ‘showy confidence’ are promoted above their competence level, dearly costing organisations, teams and skilled individuals the roles they deserve. 

The way forward is to ensure we value competence above its showier, ‘smoke and mirrors’ cousin: ‘confidence’. 

In this workshop, we look at the practical ways to build your ‘natural confidence so you are recognised for what’s already great about you (and should be rewarded): your competence. 

You’re ambitious and you want to progress. By looking at the practicalities of showcasing your authentic confidence borne from 
hard-earned experience, you’ll be better able to: 

-Distinguish yourself from overconfident under-performers 
-Highlight and get recognition for your competence 
-Speak up and prepare for meetingsArticulate and justify ideas 
-Challenge overconfidence in others 

Come along to this workshop as we’ll focus on recognising the difference between the superficially impressive and the genuinely valuable so you can make your expertise work better for you. This way your approach and contributions will gain recognition for being ‘competence-first’. 

 B. Shining a Light on Competence for Managers 

People rarely leave companies, they leave bosses. 

You want to be not just the kind of manager for whom people stay, but for whom they go the extra mile. 

You know that’s what creates better team cohesion, higher engagement and happier stakeholders - because ultimately a manager’s performance relies on that of their team. 

As you rise through the ranks, your job is no longer being the star of the show, it’s making sure your team shines. By harnessing 
self-awareness for both yourself and your team members, you’ll better identify and champion competence by being able to: 

-Better understand and identify with a wider range of people 
-Tackle imposter syndrome in self and others 
-Delegate while maintaining control 
-Provide and seek feedback 
-Express disagreement and annoyance 

Come along to this workshop to unpick how the best way to do this is to reward actual skills and competence, not a false sense of ‘confident bravado’. That’s a useless quality with which many don’t identify and can actually hide underperformance. Join us to make your management ‘competence-first’. 
Are you ready to expose the greatest 'Con Job'? Here’s what you can do:​

-Hire me to start a conversation on this subject in your organisation. Clients say their employees are still talking about the messages days ​later - which is always great to hear! 
-Download my speaker sheet for more info 
-Join the Confidence vs Competence campaign by following #MoreCompetence on Twitter
-Watch my YouTube playlist for career tips on the battle betweenCompetence vs Confidence​-Once you’ve read it, I’d love it you’d write a recommendation on Amazon so others can see how you felt and what it made you think! ​

'Suzanne spoke to our global audience prior to the release of 'The Con Job’. Her humour and incisive observations were a huge hit with our mixed gender audience and I’d thoroughly recommend buying books for attendees!'  
-Tasnim Tudor, Director, Global Talent Programmes at CyberArk 

'Dr. Doyle-Morris was an excellent guest speaker who gave us a fantastic online event: thought-provoking content and slides that actively engaged our community and led to high levels of participation. She led an expert panel discussion generating amazingly high levels of social media activity before, during and after the event and amongst the highest registration and attendee numbers we’ve ever had! I’d highly recommend her for other membership groups looking to host virtual events with a difference' .
- Sathpal Singh, CITP, CMgr, FLPI ' Organizer at The Future of Work Scotland

'In terms of feedback, we started with “I think I have been waiting for this call all my life!” and closed with “Really great session with lots of takeaways - including knowing colleagues are feeling similarly to me'.  
- Nicola Lancaster, Senior Legal Counsel, DS/UP/IG PCRO Shell Intn’l Ltd

'Get ready to question what you thought you knew about confidence and come out with better answers about who has it and why, than you did before'.
 -Professor Lynne Cadenhead, Chair, Women’s Enterprise Scotland

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