The Con Job

You’re skilled...but do you feel overlooked at work? 

If you’ve ever felt passed over or that you need to put on a ‘show’ in order to get Pictureahead - this is the book for you.  

Not progressing is too often blamed on ‘lack of confidence’, but this hoax misses genuine capability.
This means we fail to get the right people into the best jobs. 

Let’s redefine confidence, to make it less about doing a ‘song and dance’ and more about who actually knows their stuff.
​Not with gimmicks, but by getting credit for your valuable skills and hard-earned insights – your competence.

This book identifies the battles worth fighting to give you the skills you need to:
  • Capitalise on what you are doing well to silence the ‘imposter’.
  • Convince others to value your hard-earned experience.
  • Redefine confidence so it doesn’t continue to advantage the ‘status quo’.


Are you ready to expose the greatest ‘Con Job’ in order
to get ahead? 

Here’s what you can do: