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‘The Con Job’

More confidence’ is too frequently seen as a fast-fix for career progression, but the reality is that underconfidence has some real benefits. By comparison, overvaluing confidence risks hiring and promoting the wrong people all the way to investor overconfidence, the type that played a large part in the global financial crisis. 

In this talk, Dr. Doyle-Morris unpicks where you need to be confident and where you’re better off highlighting your ‘competence’ - a decidedly ‘unsexy’ term, but a vital trait, when looking for next generation leaders.
Plus, treating confidence as an end goal disadvantages groups, genders and cultures in which self-promotion is actually penalised. 

Dr. Doyle-Morris focuses on: 

-Challenging an over-valuation of confidence as one of key attributes onto which we reward people 
-Being valued for your competence, not your supreme confidence, from senior stakeholders 
-Understanding how current definitions of confidence favour ‘the status quo’ and how we can rebrand confidence so it works for a wider range of people 

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