The Con Job
The Con Job

The Con Job

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Written expressly to help readers get ahead in their careers, “The Con Job: Getting Ahead for Competence in a World Obsessed with Confidence” is a mix of anecdotes, advice, research and interviews with senior global business leaders.

This exposes one of the greatest real-life, workplace-based cons - the over-rewarding of confidence, which overlooks competence and rewards the wrong people.

"The Con Job" explodes the Confidence vs Competence debate, and tackles one of the biggest workplace cons of all time.

Having interviewed nearly 40 senior leaders, Dr Suzanne Doyle-Morris has compiled the best of their advice and how we should be defining confidence so that it works for more of us - not just the status quo of current leaders.

If you’ve been overlooked, "The Con Job" is for you! 

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